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Are you pregnant and not sure what to eat, when to eat that’s good for you and your baby’s development? And also worried that you will gain too much weight? This diet plan service assists you throughout your pregnancy journey.

OR you’ve already taken bub home and are settling into life as a new mum, you’re probably itching to squeeze back into your favorite pair of skinny jeans. But before you dive back into any type of physical activity or change your diet you need some expert advice. You’re recovering, and you’ll need ample rest and nutrition to regain your energy and, if you’re breastfeeding, keep your breast milk flowing. Instead of going on a crash diet, you should be on a well-balanced breastfeeding diet rich in nutrients for you and your baby.

How it works?

  • 1) Register yourself by clicking Registration on Right Top of Website or click here and put your all details about your lifestyle
  • 2) Choose the package and enrol yourself.
  • 3) After enrolment, You will be given confirmation mail for the time slot for consultation.
  • 4) We will discuss and customise your diet plan over call and mail back to you.
  • 5) Every week you will update with your performance over mail or whatsapp. We will mail your new diet plan after seeing your performance.
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